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CUSTOMERS COMMENTS After Using our Services & Products

I received the stones today, thank you very much i am happy, i will send you

some more stones in the future, Regards Fredrik.

To All at Sithy Gems...

I received my stones back a few days ago, and I have to say they are amazing.

Thank you all for your fine work. I will be using your services again, and I will

tell others of the pure quality of your work.

Thank you again.
Rob McMullen

Dear Sir,

Noted and appreciate the explanation.

Sir, I haven't seen the cracks myself before so I was surprised by the
result. But even if I was waiting for bigger stones, the result is very
nice and I thank you. I didn't understand that there were 5 smaller pieces.

I 've looked carrefully to the other stones and they are very impressive
too, especially your artistic cuts. Thank you again for your work and for
your availability and I hope to work again with you.
Best regards,

Dr CONVERS / France

Dear Sainul,

Got my stones back, thanks, they look great!!!...I have more than I will

be wanting cut.
Ken Boyd/USA

Hello Sainul,

Soon you will be receiving Ethiopian Opals I sent about a week ago.

Instead of rounded cab, I  would like to go towards a flatter surface.

The smaller specimens, please make the same size.

Thanks in advance as I was pleased with the work you performed

with the last Opals I sent you.

Best Regards,

Willie Shoemaker


Dear Sir,

My package of cut stones arrived in Australia today 8th August,

thank you. I was thrilled to open my package and find your high

standard of work, very impressed with the swirl cut and the checker

board. I will sorting my rough to prepare another parcel to send for

expert cutting.

Thank you from a very happy customer.

A Gately

Dear Sainul

Just a quick note to let you know I received the parcel and everything

came through without damage. I am extremely happy with the results

of your cutting!  I realize there was not much to work with in some of

the peridot crystals, but you certainly maximized everything that I sent

and that was extremely important to me as I needed the smaller sizes. 

I will prepare another parcel to send to you. 

Thank you again!



Dear Mr. Mohamed,

I just received the stones today and they are breath-taking! I commend

your artisans for such amazing quality work. Thank you. Now that I've

had the chance to see first hand how this works, I will review my inventory

for other gems that may need your services.

Patricia Marrone

Florida / USA.


Thank you very very much for cutting my stones. The gems are beautiful

and I thank you greatly.I will do more business in the future.

Again, thank you.

Mark Hart



Dear Sir,

Just to inform you that the stones just arrived.Thank you for a job well done

looking forward to doing business with you again.



Hello from Tony Lawayne Lunnie here in Little Rock,Arkansas. U should

be getting the next package shortly in about a week. U did a very god job last

time. I know u don't cut diamonds but do you know of any diamond cutters.

Please let me know.


Tony Lawayne Lunnie

Dear Sainul Mohamed

Just wanted to let you know that the faceted gems arrived a few days ago,

andthey are fabulous! I was incredibly impressed with your ability to cut

these stones for optimum beauty, artistry, andclarity;especially given the

fact that these were stones previously rejected by another gemcutter,

because they said they were too fractured or cracked to cut. Now I have

beautiful, faceted stones I can use or give away as gifts instead of just the

raw minerals. In addition to this, your prices were much less expensive.

I have already recommended your services to a friend of mine who joined

me on our sapphire dig last year. 

Thank you, again,

Brooke Hartman


Dear Sainul Mohamed

I hope this email finds you and your family enjoying the very best of good

health and your excellent business prospering, as, it well deserves to do so.

My business associate Mr Michael Alderson and I are extremely pleased at

the receipt of our gemstone consignment. We were impressed with the

quality of the faceting, variety of cuts and the volume of return. Your

company has won our customer loyalty in the future.

We also have recommended to our friends that they utilise your excellent

service. I have even written out a set of step by step instructions for these

friends to follow so that they may also benefit from the pleasure of opening

their own consignment of cut gems from your company.

I look forward to sending further consignments to your skilled craftsmen.

Yours Sincerely

Alan Herring


I just wanted to let you know that I got my gemstones back today. These are

AWESOME! You guys did an amazing job and I would recommend you to

anyone. I will definitely be using your services in the future, thank you very

much! :-)  Douglas Grimm







Thank you for your email.The gems look great.I apologise for not getting

back to you sooner, it's holiday season here and I have been visting family.

I will send payment tomorrow.I should also like to thank you for your excellent

and friendly service and look forward to doing business with you in the new

year. Happy new year to all at Sithy Gems. 

Yours gratefully,  

Greig Alderman.



Dear Sir,

Sorry I haven't paid the third invoice to date. I will clear this up by end of

the week. Thank you for your patience and excellent service. The sapphires

you have cut are recieving much praise here in Australia. We enjoy your

quality service.

Kind Regards,

Stephen Petek.


Dear Sainul,

Stones arrived today, I am always amazed at your technology.Your new

process of quartz is stunning. I can't believe what you can do with quartz.

Fortunately I have access to a hill (what I have been sending you) of gem

quality quartz.I like the new colors, and cuts.


Thank you and a prosperous NEW YEAR  to you.

Your friend,                            


Mr. Sainul Mohamed,

My name is Scott Maier.  Last year i sent rough stones to your lapidary

to be cut and I was very happy with them when they arrived back here

in the US.  I have sent a new package of rough stones to be cut.  USPS

tracking tells me that they have cleared customs in Sri Lanka as of

December 13.  I am emailing today to confirm that you have received

this package.  Please let me know when you can that they arrived safely. 

Can you estimate when they might be finished?  thank you again.

Best regards,

Scott Maier

Dear sir,

I want to let you know that your invoice has been paid via paypal. I can

only again say THANK YOU for your diligent work in straightening out

the mess I got into with the other company and customs. I also wish to

commend you and your staff for their speed in completing the task of

completing my order. Your personal contact with me via telecom, keeping

me informed, shouts highly of your dedication to your clients and your

outstanding professionalism as a man of business. Please feel free to use

me as a referral to any future customers. Sithy Gems will always be a

AAA+ company.


Richard Kahl


Dear Sirs,
Sorry for the delay in writing this but, we did want to THANK YOU!!!!!!!

You did exactly what we asked. The large stone is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!

We are so delighted!!!! We will be sending more stones in the future!

Thank you again,

Amy & Kevin Watson


Yes that would be ideal and much appreciated. Thank you in advance for

your understanding and your fast service. We hope to continue doing business

for many years to come.

Kind Regards,


Dear Sir,

We 've received the stones today and we thank you for the good job.We will

keep in touch for further business as we are very satisfied.

Thank you again,

Mr. Benjamin



Recieved delivery of gemstones,were held up by inspection of Australian

Quarantine, Very happy with your overall service The quality of the cutting

of the stones is excellent , a very pleasing result ,and in the near future will

be sending another shipment of gems Thanking you for your service.
Michael Alderson


It finally arrived today, and I just wanted to say, I am extremely pleased with

both the workmanship, and the professional way this transaction was handled. 

You should be very proud of your company, and cutters.  They certainly

deserve my heart-felt thanks and gratitude. 
I intend to give it to my wife, mounted as a pennant for our 50th anniversary

this coming month..I know she will wear it proudly.. If you ever need me for a

reference, don't hesitate to ask.
Thank you again.
Glenn Mac leo